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Sociology on the Web

If you want to know how sociologists think about the world, the links here can be of use.  I will add sites I have found informative and provocative, and welcome suggestions for additional sites you find that may be useful to others.  They don’t have to be by “professional” sociologists.  As sociologist Howard Becker describes it, sociology is about “people doing things together.”   With this broad definition, I can imagine many great resources (including videos, outstanding twitter and blog sites,  humor, wild-eyed imaginative prose, analyses of difficult texts,  and even suggestions for writing sociology papers, and citing sources).

A successful sociologist makes the familiar strange:  The following  short video, presented  by Dalton Conley in collaboration with wwnorton.com/soc, offers a brief overview of the sociological perspective.

The Society  Pages.  The Society Pages is an online, multidisciplinary social science project headquartered in the Department of Sociology at the University of Minnesota. The Society Pages’ stated mission is “to bring measured social science to broader public visibility and influence.” The site hosts several additional sociology blogs, including Sociological Images, Cyborgology, Teaching TSP, Sociology Lens, and Sexuality and Society.  You can also follow the site on twitter @TheSocietyPages.

MERLOT  This site provides many different kinds of learning materials for students and teachers of sociology.  You will find whole introductory courses here with multiple online lectures, and materials on many topics studied by sociologists that can be useful to you in completing your own investigations for sociology courses.

The Everyday Sociology Blog.   Site featuring  interesting, informative, and most of all entertaining commentary from sociologists around the United States. Come to this site regularly to get a sociological take (in plain English) on what is happening in the news (and on what should be in the news).  Provides short essays that are useful both to teachers and learners of sociology.  As they say on the site:  Aren’t we all students of sociology?

Family Inequality.  On this site, Philip Cohen, sociology professor at University of Maryland,  keeps “ a running account of the connections between families and inequality. The nature of this relationship is one of the central problems of inequality in modern societies.”  Here you will find a variety of informative graphs documenting this relationship and debates about the meaning of the numbers.  Follow Dr. Cohen on Twitter @familyunequal.

Live Sociology.  “This site curates sociological resources that staff and students at Goldsmiths, University of London (and beyond) have found useful in enlivening their sociological imaginations. It includes blogs, websites, journals and other materials that we routinely draw upon in our various attempts to cultivate a live sociology drawing upon a range of inventive methods.”

A Sociological Tour Through Cyberspace.  This site features “commentary, data analyses (hey, we’ve become a “factoid” culture), occasional essays, as well as the requisite links,” put together for courses taught by sociologist Michael Kearl and colleagues.  You’ll find all kinds of useful information here.