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Sociologists on Twitter

Many sociologists have a daily, frequent, or occasional presence on Twitter.  They explore contemporary issues, and all kinds of questions related to the social behavior of our quirky species. I’ve collected a longish list  of my favorites, and you will see my interest in gender and social inequality reflected in many of the selections.

I have listed these sources alphabetically by last name.  Mostly I have simply copied the brief description the authors give for themselves on Twitter.  Some of these sources include a brief description by Shannon Dauphin of worldwidelearn.com.  I’ve checked them all out and follow many of them myself.  Not all would call themselves sociologists, but they all address issues of interest to sociology.   While  most references are to individuals, there are groups listed here too.  These sites usually have a blog site as well as a Twitter presence– and you will likely be directed to that site by the short Twitter messages you’ll find at the sites.

Explore as many as you can and pick a few to follow on Twitter yourself.   You will likely find other interesting writers/thinkers as you add people to your list.   Consider sharing those finds with the SOC204 class.

Andac, Elif @ElifAndac   of University of Kansas. Tweets every few weeks on issues in the middle east, Turkey and global politics.

Anonymous @SocProf This anonymous professor shares daily tweets on current events, musings and music.

ASA Animals and Society @Animals_Society.  Official Twitter page of the American Sociological Association’s sectionon Animals and Society. Washington DC.   www2.asanet.org/sectionanimals

ASA SREM @ASA_SREM  The American Sociological Association’s section on racial and ethnic  minorities encourages research that examines racial and ethnic groups.  Washington D.C.  Facebook.com/asasrem

 ASA Student Forum @ASAStudentForum For Students in the American Sociological Association (organized by these students, but anyone can follow).

Burgard, Sarah  @sarahburgard.  of U. Michigan sociology, epidemiology, Population Studies Center.  I study links between social inequality and health inequality, mostly with surveys.  Ann Arbor.  Sarahburgard.com

Calhoun, Craig @craigjcalhoun   of New York University. Relevant politics tweets and links from the founding director of NYU’s Institute for Public Knowledge.

Chilton, Mariana  @ MarianaChilton  Hunger researcher,  #talkpoverty advocate, #socialentrepreneur  Founder:  Witnesses to #Hunger.  Tweets and RT my own.  See also @hungerfreectr.  Philadelphia, PA.

Cohen, Philip N.   @familyunequal.  Sociologist and demographer at U of Maryland.  I write the Family Inequality blog.  Look for The Family:  Diversity, Inequality and Social Change in 2014.  familyinequality.com

Contexts Magazine  @contextsmagContexts is a quarterly magazine of cutting-edge social research.  We’re the public face of sociology.  contexts.org

Cotton, Sheila @Shelia_Cotten of University of Alabama, Birmingham. Dr. Cotten tweets every few days on the social impacts of technology, sometimes sports.

Cyborgology  @cbyorgology  “We live in a cyborg society. Technology has infiltrated the most fundamental aspets of our lives: social organization, the body, even our self concepts.  Thesocietypages.org/cyborgology/

Daniels, Jessie @JessieNYC  of City University of New York. This very busy tweeter and blogger has her finger on the pulse of sociology issues. A must-read.

Doucet, Andrea @andreadoucet  of Brock University. This healthy sprinkling of tweets focus on gender differences and equality.

Evans-Winters, Venus @ileducprof  of Illinois State University. These tweets are a gold-mine of current events, relevant links and musings on the state of the world.

Feagin, Joe @JoeFeagin Sociology prof at Texas A&M, racism researcher, author, chess player.  College Station TX  racismreview.com

Feminist Frequency @femfreq  Feminist Frequency is a video webseries that critically explores the representations of women in pop culture narratives.  Created and hosted by Anita Sarkeesian.  California.   feministfrequency.com

Freese, Jeremy @jeremyfreese of Northwestern University. Occasional tweets touch on politics, current events, sports and anything else that strikes his fancy.

Gender and Society @Gend_SocGender and Society, a peer-reviewed journal focused on the study of gender, is the official journal of Sociologists for Women in Society.  gas.sagepub.com.

Gesser, Chad @profgesser  of Owensboro Community and Technical College. Constant tweeter with a sense of humor. This feed is full of resources for the sociology student.

Golash-Boza, Tanya @tanyagolashboza   of University of Kansas. Activist, blogger, mother and author tweets often and enjoys lively discussion on Twitter.

Goldrick-Rab, Sara @saragoldrickrab of University of Wisconsin, Madison. A very active tweeter, with lively discussions and plenty of links for reading.

 Halfmann, Drew @drewhalfmann   of University of California Davis. Occasional tweets focus on health, politics and movements for change.

Healy, Kieran @kjhealy of Duke University.  Witty, regular tweets from a professor who studies the moral order of market society.

Jipson, Art @ArtJipson  of  University of Dayton. This popular music lover offers valuable tweets, particularly for the criminal justice major.

Jones, Nikki @socprofjones of University of California, Santa Barbara. The author of “Between Good and Ghetto” uses twitter to share interesting links that relate to sociology.

King, Gary @kinggary  of  Harvard University. Over 14,000 followers get regular tweets on everything from politics to education.

Klein, Melanie @feministfatale of California State University Northridge. Her regular, insightful tweets on body image, feminist issues and pop culture can make you think. shesource.org/experts/profile/melanie-klein

Ladner, Sam @sladner of Ryerson’s School of Management. This constant tweeter is also a consultant who loves golf and step aerobics.

Lindgren, Simon @simon_lindgren of Umea University, Sweden. He’s into online networks and analyzing digital media, takes lots of photographs and tweets quite often.

Lynne, Veronica @ProfessorVanRy   of Taft College. Regular tweets and interesting links from this author, photographer and “starving artist.”

Marti, Gerardo @praxishabitus, of Davidson College.  This freshly-published author tweets regularly on current events, religion, race, social change and pop culture.

McCorkel, Jill @JillMcCorkel of Villanova University. offers daily insights that could be helpful to the criminal justice major.

McGettigan, Tim @tmcgett   of Colorado State University, Pueblo. Regular tweets with excellent links about technology, science, the future and more.

 Meij, J.M. @jmmeij of Florida Gulf Coast University. offers occasional tweets with interesting sociology links and some discussion.

MERLOT  @MERLOTorg .  MERLOT is a free online community of OER resources for faculty and students of higher education from around the world to share learning materials and pedagogy.  California, USA   http://sociology.merlot.org

Moyers,Bill @BillMoyersHQ.  Making sense of what matters, tweets from ‘Moyers and Company’ producers and Bill Movers keep track of the corrupting influence of money on politics. See also billmoyers.com  While not a sociologist, Moyers addresses important questions that are central to sociology.  Lots of great interviews and links to other thinkers.

 Murthy, Dhiraj @dhirajmurthy  Author of Twitter: Social Communication in the Twitter Age amzn.toVrA7E3|Sociologist|Director, Social Networks Innovation Lab| Views are my own.  Brunswick ME.  bowdoin.edu/faculty/d/dmurthy/

Nelson, Alondra @alondra of Columbia University. Author, Director of  @IRWAG, scholar of science, medicine, technology, and inequality, California raised. Also @SOCIALLIFEOFDNA.   Gotham.   alondranelson.com.  This very active tweeter has thousands of followers and plenty to say about current events.

Palmer, Nathan @sociologysource.  I am a sociology teachers who makes, finds, and shares useful things for other teachers at SociologySource.org.  I am faculty @Georgia Southern University.  Stataesboro, GA   SociologySource.org

Pascoe, C.J.  @C_J_Pascoe  of University of Oregon.  Professor, mom, mountain biker, blog: http://socialinqueery.wordpress.com

 Podology @Podology1.  Podology is a Sociology website full of free podcasts, videos, articles and a whole host of other reources.  Brighton.  podology.org.uk.

Purcell, Dave @davepurcell of Kent State. Frequent tweeter, singer/songwriter.

Ragsdale, Rhonda @profragsdale   of Lone Star College. Frequent tweeter with thousands of followers, focused on social movements, migration and more.

Ray, Rashawn  @SociologistRay.  Assistant Professor of Sociology at the University of Maryland specializing in social psychology and race, gender and social class relation. https://titles.cognella.com/race-and-ethnic-relations-in-the-twenty-first-century-9781935551607.html

Reich, Robert @RBReich of University of California at Berkeley. Almost 60,000 followers tune in for this former Secretary of Labor’s tweets on the economy.

Replogle, Elaine @professorgal   of University of Oregon. Very active and liberal tweeter who enjoys gardening, blogging and lively discussion.

Ridnor, Rachel @OCSociologyProf  of Saddleback College and Orange Coast College. These occasional tweets offer interesting sociology links and insights from their Media blog.

Rojas, Fabio @fabiorojas of Indiana University. This author of “From Black Power to Black Studies” shares occasional links and discussions.

Rossman, Gabriel @GabrielRossman   of University of California, Los Angeles. Very active with good discussion, relevant links and info on social networks and culture.

Rhoten, Diana @drhoten  Organizational sociologist focused on new media and learning; technology and innovation; creativity and collaboration; organizational design and change; enrepreneurship and science  nyc-usa  Social Science Research Council.

 Roth, Louise @louiseroth  of  University of Arizona. Occasional tweets that are always packed with great information and links to share.

Sassen, Saskia @SaskiaSassen Columbia University. A frequent tweet center for globalization, immigration, global cities and new technologies.

Scherich, Rod B. 
@Socio101 of Greenville Technical College. Daily tweets, mentions and discussions on global issues. Plenty of links.

 Sharp, Gwen @gwensharpnv Assistant professor of sociology at Nevada State Collge and blogger for Sociological Images (@socimages).  Generally fairly awesome. Nas Vegas   gwensharp.com.  Regular tweets that cover pop culture, relevant links and witty musings.

Smith, Marc @marc_smith   of University of Maryland. A wealth of daily tweets, mentions, follows and interesting technology links.

Smithey, Lee @peacesociology   of Swarthmore College. Offers relevant, no-nonsense occasional links on social uprisings and global conflict.

Socialsciencespace  @socscispace  Socialsciencespace is a new social network that brings together social scientists to explore, share and shape the big issues in social science.  socialsciencespace.com.

Socimages  @Socimages.  Inspiring sociological imaginations everywhere! Written and edited by @lisawade and @gwensharpnv

Socio Imagination  @Soc_Imagination.  A daily dose of the Sociological Imagination.  By @mark_carrigan@idlethnographer.  Check out:  @socnewswire and @cwrightmills.  Committing sociology since 2010.  sociologicalimagination.org.

Sociological Cinema @TheSocyCinema.  Using video and pop culture to teach sociology.  thesociologicalcinema.com/index.html

Sociology at Work  @sociologyatworkSociology at Work is a not-for-profit project supporting sociologists who apply their knowledge beyond university settings. S@W is managed by @zzevallossociologyatwork.org

 Sociology Lens @SociologyLens  Keep up to date with the latest news and posts from Wiley’s Sociology publications, including Sociology Lens.  Posts, news items, reviews and topical commentaries.  Oxford, UK  sociology-compass.com. This team of sociology experts offer regular links to new articles, posts and other relevant information.

Sociology Professor @sexysociologist This anonymous sociology professor is witty, informative and fun to read.

Sociology Toolbox  @SocToolbox  Todd Beer’s resources for building an active sociological imagination.  Chicago.   sociologytoolbox.com

Sociology@Routledge  @Routledge_Socio. News and updates from the Sociology list of the worldwide academic books and journals publisher.  Routledge.com/sociology

SocWomen  @socwomen. Sociologists for Women in Society (SWS) works to improves women’s lives through advancing and supporting feminist research, activism and scholars.  socwomen.org

Sprenger, Audrey @Audrey_Spenger  of The State University of New York.  Frequent, fun, witty tweets with a focus on Kerouac, interesting links and discussion.

Stout, Mike @mikestout_msu of Missouri State University. Tweets every few days about community and the economy.

Teander, Paula @sober_sociology Sociology instructor at Wake Tech Community College. Fan of coffee, music, social justice and paradoxes.  Not my employer’s opinions and not in that order.  Raleigh NC

The Good Men Project  @GoodMenProject.  We’re starting a conversation about what it means to be a good man.  Want to join us?  Direct Contact, Inquiries, or Idea Pitches at GoodMenProject.com

The Society Pages  @TheSocietyPages.  TSP is a social science hub edited by Doug Hartmann, @ChrisUggen,@lettapage.  Features accessible articles, fun podcasts, and lively blogs. Join us!  thesocietypages.org

Too Much  @too_Much_Online.  A commentary on excess and inequality from the Institute of Policy Studies.  Sign up at toomuchonline.org to receive our email weekly.  Washington, D.C.  toomuchonline.org.

Tufekci, Zeynep @techsoc  of University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill. Frequent tweeter explores the intersection of technology and society.

Uggen,Chris  @chrisuggen.  Sociology professor and the societypages.org editor.   Chrisuggen.com

Vallejo, Jody Agius @JodyAVallejo of University of Southern California. Almost-daily tweets focus on immigration, race/ethnicity, middle class minorities, inequality and more.

Wade, Lisa  @lisawade Professor of sociology at Occidental College, blogger for Sociological Images (@socimages), lover of dinosaurs, cocktails, and music with lots of brass.  Los Angeles.  lisa-wade.com.  Daily, highly relevant and sometimes irreverent tweets make this assistant professor a sure bet to follow.

Walker, Edward @edwardwalker University of California, Los Angeles. Semi-regular tweets on politics and industry, social movements and public participation.

Williams, Joan C.  @JoanCWilliams.  Director, WorkLife Law.  Distinguished Prof of Law, @uchastingslaw.  Founder,  @thenewgirlsnet.  Coauthor, WHAT WORKS FOR WOMEN AT WORK bit.ly/15UYe5K.  San Francisco, CA  worklifelaw.org

Wise, Tim  @timjacobwise. An anti-racism educator and author of 7 books on racism in the U.S.  More info is available at timwise.org   Nashville, TN  timwise.org.

 Zavestoski, Stephen @smzavestoski of U of San Francisco. Frequent tweets cover environmental issues, relevant links and his avid love of cycling.


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